Real slots players real success stories

Real slots players real success stories

Read about other slots players success stories and share your story with us. Find best slots games and play with free spins now.
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Find interesting stories about cash scratchcard players just like you.

Find interesting stories about cash scratchcard players just like you.

Read about other scratchcards success stories, find best scratchcards platform online.
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My name is Phil and I’m happy to welcome you to my personal blog. I’ve dedicated this place to all the good things that can come out of playing pokies or buying scratch cards. Yes, believe it or not good things can come out of it!

I began this blog because I’m one of many whose life has been completely changed by a lucky turn of the wheels.

4 years ago, everything was going downhill for me. I lost my job and tensions were rising around the house. I couldn’t even support my wife and kids anymore and I could see that even my marriage was in jeopardy unless I could find a way to turn things around somehow. So in a desperate attempt, I earned extra Lottery Cash and actually managed to win a lot of money on the pokies. Long story, short I managed to win an even bigger jackpot and with that money I supported my family until I got another job. I plaid all sorts of games and even replaced watching sports with playing sports slots like the ones on Feltet . t’s almost like one of those fairytale stories you read as a kid.

My success story is one that you will be able to read about on my blog. Come see for yourself, one of my favorite places to play online casino slots is Prime slots.

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and find places online where you can play and maybe win big like I did. I noticed that whenever I tell my story to downtrodden friends, it makes them feel better and gives them a new sense of hope. It teaches you that anyone can get lucky and turn their lives around as long as they have the courage to try. Feel free to browse through my posts and maybe they’ll give you a little hope as well. James.

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Social Slots Versus Video Slots

According to statistics, social slots are increasing in growth every year. Playtika made revenue of about $240 million in the second quarter of the year 2015 of which it was bought for $4.4 billion by a Chinese organization.

Even though Video slots are played with money (real money) while social slots are usually free of charge, that’s so ridiculous, isn’t it? The reason for this difference is that social slot providers have offered some benefits to the players while video slots providers are overlooking these benefits.


Playing Slots to Make Money and Building Real Friendships

Feeling unsatisfied in life and feeling stuck are at times inevitable with the changing tides of circumstances. The decision to go on a different , unexpected path is what led me to gaming and the freedom that came along with it in terms of bonding, having fun and making new friends. In fact , your odds of winning are even greater than if you took on a sports hobby according to Plbold. Here is my success story on gaming and living a fulfilled life.

New Online Slot Sites for 2016


It’s 2016, it’s time to upgrade your gaming experience into a rewarding one! Are you playing online slots at the best online casino site? If not it’s time to learn a little bit more about what makes a great online slot and what exciting things are happening in the industry this year. While there are sites that should definitely be avoided there are also a variety of sites that will challenge you to reach new personal records so let’s get started!


Why We Love to Win So Much

Being a winner is one of the most important things a person can aspire to in their life. It matters in a very big way. Winning is the fundamental way to a zealous, fruitful, and prosperous life. If you say goodbye to winning, you have lost the capacity to benefit yourself or society.

Winning is achieving goals. To win is to succeed. Humanity has a primitive predisposition that compels you to triumph. Winning is the drive behind all your thoughts and actions and is the defining aspect of your life.