Most people would not think of life becoming harder once they win the lotto, but mine and my husband’s certainly did. What followed that amazing moment was months of torment and no one could envy us during the time we were under investigation. Our great luck came at a terrible price, but in the end it was all worth it because we got to keep our money and our sanity. Some people have no sympathy with our story because we are rich, but I will tell it anyway because I feel we earned every penny of that win.

Scratch Cards Facts. Me and my husband owned a convenience store for many years. We watched dozens of people come in and out of the store with big wins and moderate sized wins. After seeing so many people play and win, I was tempted and started to play scratch games on a regular basis. Me and my husband played several cards a week hoping to give us the greatest chance at striking gold. However, the only trick was that we could not buy the games at our own store because that is breaking the law. Luckily, we mainly bought and redeemed our prizes at other stores because we were aware of the law.

The day we won the four million dollar jackpot, I knew as soon as I saw the ticket that we would be under investigation. We called the gaming commission straight away and began the process. The next couple of months would be filled with phone conferences, holding periods, bogus complaints and a thourough comb through of our entire records. They searched everything from our ticket counters, to video feeds and personal bank accounts. The best method for dealing with all of that is just to cooperate with anything they asked for.

We also had many complaints by people we knew and some we did not know saying we rigged the system because of our special access. There was procedures for every complaint that was filed and by the end I felt like the complaints would come forever and we would never get our money. But one day the complaints and the investigation did stop and our winning ticket was approved. That was the day I could really feel the joy of having won the lottery. The story gets much happier as my husband and I used the money for personal matters as well as helping the community.