In the month of May I was working in a hotel as a maid. I had been working there little under a year while I finished up my college degree and got a job I would actually enjoy. I mainly spent my days hating my life and my crappy job and hoping for the day when I could leave. It was not that the job was hard or even bad, but I did not like the fact that I was cleaning up other people’s messes. So when I found a winning ticket in one of the hotel guest’s trash cans, I had a very important decision to make.

The guest was a nice younger couple who was staying at the hotel for a few days and nights. I was doing a typical turn down service of making the bed, replacing the towels, emptying the trash, etc. in their room that day. They told the front desk they were going to a movie so I knew I had some time to get in there and do a good job. I cleaned up after them the best I could seeing they left everything strung about the room. I performed all the usual services and only had the trash to take out. I first emptied the can in the bathroom and then the one by the front door and finally the two in the main bedroom.
The last can I picked up to empty only had two scratch cards in it.

Are Scratch Cards Addictive?.My mother always looked at scratch tickets she came across whether they were hers or not. She always said that it is good to check because you never know who has overlooked something. This is probably were I developed the habit of looking at any ticket I see lying about. I took out the two tickets and examined them closely. The first card seemed to be a dud after I re-checked it a few times so I threw it away with the other trash and I almost did the same with the second card until I realized they left a number unscratched. I quickly took out a quarter from my pocket and revealed the last night they had not gotten to. It turned out that last number was the winning number…$400,000 number to be exact.

I was so shocked that it was a winning ticket for that much money I felt torn between two sides. In the end, I took the ticket for myself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t regret that decision.