Things have never been easy in my life, but everything went down hill when the economy hit my family hard. First my husband lost his job and then I lost mine. We have two children together and when we both lost our incomes we had to move back into my mother’s house. After searching for over two months, neither me nor my husband could find any employment. My mother, being older and alone after my father died had no money to take care of us. Fearing my family could no longer help us out and we would have to go into the welfare system, we had hit rock bottom.

Scratch Cards Home Delivery. On a particularly bad day me and my husband scraped all the change we could find in the house together. We looked under couch cushions, in the car and in all the pockets of our jeans. We found five dollars that we were going to use to get some food at the gas station before continuing our job hunt. We walked down to the gas station a few blocks down from our house so as not to waste any gas. We looked at the hot dogs and taquitos rotating in the oven and were just about to order some when I stopped in my tracks.

I turned to my husband and said we needed to go hungry and get a scratch game and a lottery ticket. He started to protest but I told the cashier I wanted a three dollar scratch ticket and two dollars in lottery tickets before he could say no. The clerk handed us the tickets and I handed him the last five dollars to our names. I felt sick to my stomach and scared, but for some reason I also had a good feeling about it. I snatched the tickets off the counter and walked outside and waited for my husband to start yelling at me. He did not say a word, but took the tickets out of my hand. We walked back to the house in stony silence because I know he was angry at me.

Once back at home, he went into the kitchen with the tickets but I did not follow him. I sat in the living room for a long time by myself just waiting and then I heard a shout from the kitchen. I rushed in to see what was wrong and my husband stood there, his face white as a sheet. When I asked him what was wrong he shouted that we had won. Not sure of what he meant I just stood there. He told me we won $250,000!I couldn’t believe it, but it was true. We decided to skip looking for work that day and go and cash that check.