It’s 2016, it’s time to upgrade your gaming experience into a rewarding one! Are you playing online slots at the best online casino site? If not it’s time to learn a little bit more about what makes a great online slot and what exciting things are happening in the industry this year. While there are sites that should definitely be avoided there are also a variety of sites that will challenge you to reach new personal records so let’s get started!

Important Elements of a Great Slot Site

There are important things to look out for when you’re signing up for an online slot site aside from the entertaining and incredible slot games.


It’s a given that you’ll have to provide the site with your personal details so it’s important that you check the site has a secure platform that won’t sell your information to 3rd parties. Whether you deposit money through the site, or PayPal—it should be secure and only require information that is common. If anyone is asking you for incredibly detailed and personal information it should raise a red flag to you: SCAM.

Unfortunately, many players become the victims of a scam that could have been avoided had they had the proper understanding of what elements separate a great slot site from a scam.


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Once you’ve decided on a new slot site, locate where on their site they mention their licensing registration. If it’s not visible on their homepage, check the about us or contact. If it’s impossible to find, keep that in mind as a potential red flag. You should also be familiar with which countries provide licenses to online casinos so that if you notice a license from a country in South America, you can run the other direction.

The Best of the Best

After you’ve taken a deeper look into the security and reputation of the online casino, you’ll want to look at online slot machine sites such as Prime Slots. Are they the best of the best? There’s no point in joining an online casino if the games won’t get you excited. Seek out if they offer a demo trial, or look for websites that offer reviews with free games that’ll teach you more. A great site to read more reviews and learn about new slots sites is


new slot sites 2016


Getting the chance to try out the games will ensure that you won’t get stuck on a site you’re not happy with. After all, you want to make real money and that happens by spinning and winning on the top games.

Percentages Are Important

Established and prestigious online casinos will publish their percentages. What does this mean? It means that the casino will disclose the amount of money it pays out each money. It shows their trust worthiness and shows the chance of you winning. Higher payout percentages signal that there is a higher chance of winning.

To differentiate between the scams and reliable sites, and to take it an extra step further, make sure that the figures showing are not manipulated and that they’re not lying about the payout.

There’s Something Out There for Everyone

There’s a site for every type of player. Of course, there are the more dominating sites that everyone’s heard of but we urge you to take a deeper look into searching for an online casino and exploring what else is out there. Each year the casinos switch it up so don’t get too caught up on only playing on the “name brand” sites.

There’s no better feeling then spinning those reels and something good coming out of it, we’re positive that you’ll find the best new online slot site for this year and get those coins falling right into your lap.

Happy Spinning!