I thought my world would end when my husband of thirty years passed away from cancer. His death was fairly quick and painless, but it still came as a shock to both of us when he was diagnosed. The last few months of his life were filled with love and with family, but his death was still difficult for me and for our children. What I never prepared for was living without him. I was not a young (or even middle aged) woman and it is too hard to start from scratch at my age. Finances eventually became tighter without that second income and the emotional toll was too much for me to handle.

I went to see a therapist a few months ago about the difficulties I have had with letting go. He helped me a lot with the coming to terms with my husband’s death and facing the rest of my life without him. The biggest change he made was getting me out and about again. My first outing was going to be a trip to the casino with my daughter and son. I had only been gambling once before in my life, when me and my husband took a trip to Atlantic City when we were much younger. We did not win anything and I swore that I would never play that sinner’s game again.

Slots Pros and Cons¬†That being said, I thought the therapist’s suggestion was a good idea and I was looking forward to my casino date with my kids. They were flying me back to Atlantic City and they would meet me at the hotel. We checked into the hotel, had a nice dinner and then decided to go ahead and hit the slots. I had no idea what I was doing so I watched my son and then my daughter to get the hang of it. Once I felt confident, I told them I would head out on my own and check in with them after while.

I first sat down next to a young gentlemen who was relaxing after his long day of work. We chatted and he helped me understand the machine I was playing. I lost a few dollars in just a few minutes and I felt that same anger I had all those years ago well up inside me. Instead of playing around and losing my money slowly, I asked the young man where the highest paying machines could be found. He pointed me over to the high roller slots.PrimeSlots.com.

A little nervous, I threw my money down and bet the maximum amount. I lost thirty dollars in two minutes and I decided I would try it two more times. The next one was a dud, but the last hit was the big one. I walked away with $421,000 which I took to be a gift from my husband.