When I heard I was going to be going on a ferry boat gambling ride, I did not want to go at first. I had never been real enthusiastic about gambling so my husband’s idea of a romantic getaway did not sit well with me. Thankfully, the travel brochure boasted fine dining, star gazing and dancing as well as gambling. The only thing that convinced me to go was how happy my husband looked that he had done something nice for me. Otherwise, I was regretting going on a gambling cruise.

Slot Machine Industry Tranformation. The first thing I noticed about the ferry boat was how enormous it was. It could easily sleep more fifty people on it and the side wheels were as big as my husband’s truck. The inside of the boat was lit up with chandeliers and the flashing lights from the slot machines. We dropped our bags off in our rooms and headed down to the deck for dinner. The meal was delicious and our drinks were complimentary. As soon as I finished one drink, they were handing me another and soon I found myself quite tipsy. After doing a bit of the star gazing and a lot of dancing, I was even drunker. Finally, my husband said he was going to go gamble and I could come with him or go up to bed.

Now that I was fairly drunk I said I would go and try my hand at the games. I followed him around for awhile and watched him and the people around him play. I had him teach me how to play and then I went off by myself to try my luck. The first machine I sat on quickly ate ten dollars of my money. I switched to another one and it ate another twenty dollars in no time at all. I was so frustrated that I thought I would just go to bed and he could gamble as long as he wanted. I started to walk over to my room when I got pulled in by a large wheel of chance looking slot machine.

I grabbed two fives and put them in and watched the screen come to life. I quickly scanned the directions and then just started pushing the bet buttons. Apparently I pushed the max bet button without realizing it and loud sirens rang and the lights flashed really bright. Everyone around me was smiling and congratulating me on winning. It took several minutes to realize I just won the top million dollar prize. The trip was not a complete bust after all.