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Once I left my parent’s house, my life turn a curious turn for the worse. Part of the problem was purely circumstancial and part of it was my fault. I left home during one of the worst economic depressions of all time and lost my job and then my boyfriend lost his job. Credit cards were my sole salvation and that is how we lived our life for several years. On top of that I developed quite an addiction to shopping which sent me further and further into debt. The last straw was my student loans when I left school.Liberalisation of Slot Machines.

All of these factors left me nearly fifty thousand dollars in debt by the time I was twenty one. Needless to say, I got a very big dose of reality while I was still young. Me and my husband were in some serious trouble right before we recieved the biggest windfall anyone could ask for. I thank God everyday for the gift I was given and I was resolved to not squander that present. The gift came from the most unlikely of sources; from a little white slot machine with lucky cherries.


Fruity Friends cherries


For my twenty second birthday, my mother wanted to take me and my boyfriend to the casino for the first time. I did not have money so I said no, but when she said she was paying, we agreed. I had always wondered what it was like to gamble and the lure of winning lots of money was a big draw for me. My mom put us up in a nice hotel room where we changed before going down to the main floor. We had a nice dinner full of great food and laughter. After dinner, we decided to gamble a little. I did not know what I was doing, so my mother taught us how to play. Once we got the basics down, she gave us each a fifty dollar bill.


real slot machine lightenWe sat down together at a set of machines and put in our money. It was not long before we both lost half the money. Frustrated and a little confused, we decided to split up and try it on our own and then meet back up later. He went towards the bar and I went up to the entrance. I put in the rest of my money and hit it twice. On the second roll I won five hundred dollars and the next roll I won two thousand and then on the next roll I won the jack pot of ten thousand dollars!I couldn’t wait to go tell my boyfriend and I immediately went to find him. I found him with an enormous smile on his face and when I told him how much I won he told me he won something too. By the end of the night, we ended up walking out of the casino with more than $35,000 which is a godsend.