Working at a casino can be depressing and frustrating sometimes. Seeing all those winners all day every day taking home their money, almost sends me over the edge. I get especially angry during times of the year when my paychecks stretched thin and barely covered the bills. I was a floor clerk which meant I watched the floor, threw out the beligerent and cleaned up the gambler’s messes.

One night all that changed. I went from watching people win money to winning the money myself and quitting my job, all on the same night. It was business as usual for most of my eight hour shift. I dumped cigarette butts into trash cans, picked up coffee cups and pushed in barstools all night long. It was not a particularly busy night, but there were several regulars in. I spent a large part of the night watching one old woman continually pumping more and more money into her machine – linkedin.

Slot Machine Cash Treasure. I saw her put in twenty after twenty dollar bills into the slot machine, amazed at how she could spend money like that!She gambled all through out my shift, and I my last count of what she had spent was over five hundred dollars. The craziest thing about this was that she had no big hits in all those hours. Not even one big hit. Not thinking anything else about it, I went about my shift and finished it out.
After cleaning up in the locker room and saying goodbye to my co-workers I started to walk through the floor to get out.

I stopped short when I saw the little old woman who had been on the slot machine all those hours, get up and walk out of the casino, with no pay out ticket in her hand. I nervously looked around, believing I would see someone waiting to jump on it, but there was no one waiting. I searched in my pockets and found a ten dollar bill. I walked over to the machine, not wanting to lose ten dollars, but amazed that the woman had not won on it after spending all that money. I heard the wheels reset as I forced my wrinkled ten dollar bill. My heart raced and my fingers tingled as the screen lit up with my amount. I bet the max amount, almost three dollars, and got nothing. I hit the max button again and got nothing again. Then I hit it a third time hoping something would happen and it lit up with the words “you just won $20,000!”