When you live out in the middle of nowhere, sometimes working at the casino is the only job you can get. Commuting is not really for me and the casino is the only job I could find in a radius of fifty miles. I made good enough money to keep me there and the tips some people would leave for me at the bar kept me in a middle class lifestyle. I got promoted to head bartender only a few days before the mysterious ticket came into my life. I was now allowed to work the busy nights which were Saturday and Thursday which meant I would be getting a lot more in tips. Machines Limitations.

I was happy I was going to be making a little more money now that I was promoted. The next Saturday night was my first night as head bar tender. The casino was busy and my bar was slammed with my regulars as well as people I had never seen before. The first several hours of my shift flew by as I was making drinks left and right for the people at the bar and the waitresses bringing orders in.

Finally my break time came and I gladly stepped out of the hot bar and into the cool night to have a smoke. No one was out there when I first went out, but as I was about to go back in a man came up to me and asked for a light for his smoke. I let him borrow my lighter and we made a little small talk. I said goodbye and went back into the bar.

The rest of the shift went by fast enough and before I knew it, it was my assistant’s time to leave and I only had an hour left before my shift was up. There was a few stragglers still in the bar after she left. I began cleaning the bar and saw a little white ticket laying on my tip jar.


only 777


I knew it was a slot machine pay out ticket by the shape and it wasn’t the first time I have gotten a tip like that. I picked it up and saw the winning was $16,234!I nearly dropped the ticket when I saw how much it was worth. I immediately took it to my boss to review the video feed to see who left it only to find it was the man I talked to outside. After some contestation, it was ruled that I could keep the tip because it was left as a tip. I will never understand why he left the tip, but I will always be grateful.