I never liked the cold weather. I always wanted to live someplace where it was warm throughout the year and I was close to the beach. I often dreamed of spending my days sipping margaritas and relaxing to the sounds of the sea. Unfortunately, I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and that is where I spent most of my life. And while it may not be the coldest place on the planet, it is most certainly not the warmest. Thus, even though the city is absolutely stunning, I have always hated living there. And I could never afford to move to a country with a warmer climate either. My job was pretty good, but it yielded nowhere near enough money to buy property and get settled in a tropical country. And I carried on the best I could.

Gaming in Copenhagen -From Poker to Slots

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I should also mention that I have always been a bit of a gambler. I learned to play poker when I was a teenager and I have loved the cards ever since. I think I played for money with my friends for years and years. And when we were feeling a bit fancy, we would go to the nearby casino and play at the real tables. Unfortunately, the years of playing the game have brought me nothing that I could ever call worthy of any note.

When I was younger, I thought that gambling could represent my ticket out towards a warmer life. But the poker game has disappointed me over and over again. I guess I just wasn’t really good enough. A few years ago, I went to take a walk at the Gammel Strand and do some soul searching. That’s my favorite part of Copenhagen, as I love hearing the sounds of the waves as I stroll. There are also many bars and restaurants close by, so it’s kind of the complete package for me.

As I was walking, I realized that I should stop wasting my money on poker and I should try something else. I knew that my favorite casino in the area has a lot of spilleautomater, and I decided I would give them a shot whenever I’d go there next. I figured that I could never achieve anything with my paycheck and that poker was just something I could not afford anymore.

Thus, I started to play the slots. It was a decision that has changed my life forever. First I had to deal with some backlash, as my friends were not happy that I wouldn’t join their game anymore. But once they got used to my plans, they realized that they should try to understand me and even get involved in what I wanted to do. While we were having a few drinks at a bar in the Christiania area, they told me they will back me up.

Slots and Friends – They Come Together

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During my third visit at the casino’s spillemaskiner, my friends decided to join me. They even skipped out on the poker table so they could play the slot machines next to mine. We even tried different games themes like tycoon games and money games on Gameogre.

I don’t know if they proved to be my lucky charm or it was just my lucky day, but on that night I managed to win a huge jackpot, worth hundreds of thousands of euros. But when I got the money, I realized there was no way I could leave my friends forever. So I used part of it to buy myself a beach house and a boat in a Mediterranean country where I now spend my summers. Winning the slots has shown me that money is not the most important thing in the world.