Being a winner is one of the most important things a person can aspire to in their life. It matters in a very big way. Winning is the fundamental way to a zealous, fruitful, and prosperous life. If you say goodbye to winning, you have lost the capacity to benefit yourself or society.

Winning is achieving goals. To win is to succeed. Humanity has a primitive predisposition that compels you to triumph. Winning is the drive behind all your thoughts and actions and is the defining aspect of your life. Have you ever heard anyone say, “I want to lose?”

Let’s take winning into the world of casion and slot machines. When you pull that handle or push the spin button, you are hoping for a higher power to let you win as you shut your eyes and clench your teeth. You want the light on top of the machine to light up and let the entire room know that you are a champion.


Winning Feels Good

Winning is a sense of accomplishment. Give yourself a pat on the back because you have won. It is great to have people recognize you and celebrate your victorious ways. You confidence builds up, and you have bragging rights. How about winning in a casino? Playing the slots? Or winning free spins? This is almost euphoria.

Be a winner at the slot machine with these three methods:

  • Get to know your slot machine. Sounds interesting, but there are determined people in casinos who claim a machine for the entire night. They win free spins and the payout at the end of the night, might just be their jackpot.
        1. Determine your strategy for winning. Choose a machine with a smaller jackpot – these are easier to conqure and will give you the confidence that you are a winner. Play the highest denomination slot that you can afford. These machines pay at higher percentages. Dollar machines are worth more than quarter machines, nickel machine pay out more than penny machines. Always play the maximum amounts if you are playing a progressive slot.
        1. Be smart with your money. Research slot payouts. There are websites that tell you the payout percentages of slot machines at different casinos. Insiders get access to this information and love to publish it online. Know your limit. Don’t bet the farm to make a few dollars. This will not make you a winner, but a very sad loser.


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    Let your Struggles be your Triumphs

    Losers can become winners. If you do something that makes you a winner, you grab attention. You are someone others can hold up as a role model. Remember that once you have won something you are a winner forever. Very few people will remember your loses, they will concentrate on your wins. You have now developed a legacy, the tough road paid off


    The Perks

    Winners are not complete without the tangible and intangible “stuff”. You can get perks with your winning title. This includes just about anything associated with success. Maybe your winning perk is the recognition you get from your peers, friends, and office mates. Perhaps it is the pat on the back, or the free meals from the casino when you win the jackpot on a slot. Whatever it is, the perks are worth the winning.

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    Everyone dreams of winning something. Once you have won that “something” you have a chance to be a better person. You can use your status as a winner to pursue other goals. If you win a million dollar jackpot at slots, you might dream of starting a philanthropic foundation, or take a deep breath and go on to bigger and better wins. Winners change the world, even if it is only your small piece of the world. Being triumphant is the greatest motivator.


    And So

    Winning should be part of your life plan. You distinguish your life by the wins you have made. Achieving a triumph is a milestone of success. Every win brings positive feelings and emotions. Like the lady who sits in a smoke-filled casino continually playing slots, winning is her happiness.

    People love the taste of winning. Achieving success is a very positive experience. It is a euphoria that becomes addictive. Winning adds value to and pumps up egos. Once you have secured a win you have accomplished a personal victory. Pulling the handle on a slot machine and getting a payout makes you a winner. It is human nature; everyone loves the taste of succeeding.

    Winning is stimulation. Knowing that you have won at one thing stimulates you to look for another challenging goal. The strong feeling of prevailing leads to higher goals. This is the way casinos make their cash. They let you win once, so you keep on paying to win.

    Winning, especially at slots, helps to compensate for the lacks and failures. Everyone makes mistakes, and one win will make mistakes seem even less significant. Failures are not fun, but they are unavoidable. Let your failures lead you to valuable self-feedback. The pattern of failures and wins is often responsible for the way you perceive who you are. Winning is positive. It weakens the influence of bad experiences in your life. It is easier to act in one positive direction when you hit that jackpot.

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    In conclusion, the ultimate Winners song: