According to statistics, social slots are increasing in growth every year. Playtika made revenue of about $240 million in the second quarter of the year 2015 of which it was bought for $4.4 billion by a Chinese organization.

Even though Video slots are played with money (real money) while social slots are usually free of charge, that’s so ridiculous, isn’t it? The reason for this difference is that social slot providers have offered some benefits to the players while video slots providers are overlooking these benefits.

Because of these benefits, social slots have increased in growth and are getting closer to video slot in sales. The reason behind this massive growth rate is based on facts and figures which will be discussed along the line.

The Players’ Perspective

Of course, video slots are entertaining, video slot provide pleasurable gaming experience, but one bad part is that they are not free! While on the other hand, social internet games are also entertaining and at the same time, they are free. So, many players prefer playing social games to video games. While other players are getting furious about a video game, it’s so hard to see players get furious about social games because players believe that online social games are all about the fun they enjoyed while playing. Not only that, most players prefer social games because of its modern interface, animation, theme sounds and so on which eventually improves the gaming experience of a player.

The “Return to Player” (RTP) Policy

The players’ return policy which is known as RTP is the money returned to players through bonuses, gifts, discounts and so on. RTP on most social slots has never been 100%. In fact, it’s so hard to find one that gives up to 97% return, but then social slots give RTP in many ways; for example, hourly bonuses, perks, some even offer an opportunity where payers can change their bets and also change the RTP to their satisfaction. These encourage players to increase their bet with smaller bets or quickly play games with a reduced RTP.

More Campaigns are Carried out with Social Slots

Social slot providers carry out campaigns that make them investigate the players’ behavior. They receive information from their players daily and also do A/B split testing for different components like the graphics, pop-ups, game mathematics and so on. With this, they can improve their players’ interface and also attract more users, thereby increasing their income. Unlike the video slots that make decisions to improve players’ interface at their discretion, social slots have been using campaigns and A/B tests to improve players’ interface. They’ve also used similar tests to develop economies that improved its monetary value by 50%.



With the introduction of gamification, social games have adopted many changes. For instance, slots have now added the ability to unlock new levels and games, bonuses, rewarding referrals. All these changes have not just helped in the retention of players, but also attracted new players.

Video slots have remained rigid over the years; they didn’t adopt any new gaming knowledge that has been learned and used through gamification. This is the main reason behind their declining profits and loss of customers.

The fast Evolution of Social Slot Games

Players quickly get bored with games, so, social slot games provider develop and release at least a new social game once every month to avoid this situation. This method will renew players’ interest in social games and also attract new players. What social games providers do is that they assign a few individuals to develop new games. So they have the freedom, speed, and flexibility to create new games.

Video slot companies, instead, have to go through a lot of procedures, meetings upon meetings, board discussions before a new game can be developed and released. This could take few months because there are many people involved in the process, there might be confusion along the process too, thereby causing delay.


There are many other ways in which users prefer social slots to video slots. Social slots are taking every opportunity and utilizing these opportunities for their growth. Their research method and improvement in their users’ experience have brought them to contending positions with video slots. Over a little period, I’m sure the social slot providers will take more approaches to overtake video slot providers.